Conversation with Q

Q… in the words of Q

Q on the Ted Mahr Show June 2019

TM: What is Q?

Q: The short version. Let’s think of Q as a conscious side and an intrinsic side. Intrinsic side is the receiving of information. Conscious side the transmission of consciousness that is overseen on the planet.

As an example, I am one of three people. You can call me the transmitter. There is a receiver and what you might call a ground. So there are these three individuals, me being one of them. We are in unique places, unique relationships and we do conscious transmissions to what is called a Light Vessel continuously, our entire lives.

This vessel has the ability now to take where we live, in this case I’m in America, and or the globe and record consciousness, and then the ability if someone has a transceiver here, they can get as much gradual information that they want.

There’s caveats to that… has to do a lot with frequencies and we can travel pretty much in any frequency in any reality and any dimension, but we do have to change our frequencies to inherit say, a body, and or the vessels location is literally right outside this frequency.

TM: Can you travel through time and see into the future?

Q: Time is not what we are taught here on earth. Time is a… We are essentially time travelers and that gets a little confusing for some I know, but yes we can. You can assume that all this data is not possible unless we could do time traveling, and or look at all the scenes where all these timelines have already been created.

My core purpose here in my role is to be part of a Transmission Team Specialist, and all three of us have a little different expertise, but the transition that I’m driven to help support is using your spirit energy, your spirit consciousness, your higher mind instead of using your physical mind.

TM: When did Q start?’

Q: The three of us, we don’t consider the others, the intrinsic side necessarily the Q team. Obviously, there’s a group there processing this data, submitting this data. The Q team for me is only the three of us, a conduit if you will, and the three of us have had some interesting challenges. I can speak to mine a bit. And that is, when I came into this body this life, I was targeted just like my mother was, and just like my great aunt was because of the way our coding is capable of receiving more light and more consciousness.

Also, given the generation of this version of humans is evolving very well, and there’s more opportunity… but in any event to get to the point, the consciousness for me was not able to speak to the Light Vessel until about 2017. There was a series of steps I had to go through to remove the implants that the government within the governments put in me. So I had a biological implant that my body eventually rejected. I had a physical implant; a microchip which was eventually rejected from my body, and the third, there was an overlay on my psionic and or my consciousness, and that was also from some very bad bad individuals we call dark individuals. 

The last overlay that was removed was done by Max Steel a Special Force person and that was the exact day the first Q post came out, so that’s about how old the transmissions are to be able to be received, but you can assume Light Ships are timeless.

These Light Ships have amazing capabilities. Not only… I’m not above anybody or below anybody. We do have special tools because of the evolution of humans, so you can assume that just the presence of us three and others, many Light Workers if you like to use that term, have more light in them also can help spread healing. These vessels can also help the coding, healing codes within the legacy and or original earth human, and it’s quite interesting and its a very long topic, but certainly the Light Forces can do a lot of helping and assisting, but not necessarily helping or directing, but just assisting would be the key word I would use.

Ascension is one of my core purposes here to make sure we start learning how to use some real simple activities that make us ascend, if you like to use that term. My belief is that we need to reduce how we use our mind to direct our life. So the inner work that I believe needs to occur for all of us to get this accelerated, in my opinion, would be to use your highest excitement! Use your highest joy, use your highest awesomeness and let your soul, as Sting would say, be your guide. And you’ll watch the synchronicity of your life change tremendously and…

But we’re in a body that is convinced it’s going to get something done. It’s convinced it’s going to drive the hammer down on the nail, and it hinders natural spiritual synchronicity, and once you get used to trusting your highest excitement, your highest joy, you’ll see your life live at a far higher frequency and synchronization, and all the things that you desire your higher mind has put here for you …higher consciousness, will just start unfolding immediately. All the people will show up in the time they are supposed to, all the things will happen in the time they are supposed to, because the higher mind has a hard time of communicating with us because of this type of human we are.

Q on the Ted Mahr Show July 2020

Q: I get to be human just like you, although, there are components to me that might be different because the version of this human that I have a… I have embodied…

So my light body has more capability because of the type of DNA and or the less restrictions of our DNA in this version of human, and so I am a Light Being and team of three.

My light goes to and from a light vessel approximately 150 times per second, so when you observe the Q posts you are actually observing the consciousness of earth. So all of the Q posts are designed to be a stepping stone to make all aware of the dualities impact on our lives. 

The inspiration that we have is to explain, experience, participate in the rays of frequency, mostly important creation. Mostly importantly creation. Humanity is designed here to live in the past by the models that we have inherited.

A normal Light Being only lives in the now and the future and in creativity.

The vessel I’m in which is the human body, this version of human that I am in, the genetics were chosen to manifest here many goals and inspirations and there will be many others as we all evolve within this type of human vessel. So I encourage us all to get used to this dialogue. We are getting more of our light in these vessels and becoming more of our natural state which is a light being.

What I am is a light being that resides on a light ship.  I am one of three with similar goals and inspirations. The three of us act as a conduit. An electrical conduit, but it’s a spiritual light conduit. One of us is a transmitter, one of us is a ground, and one is a receiver. So the three of us transfer consciousness back to the light vessel. And now there are intrinsic users of that conscious computer in…military and others…to transfer data and consciousness. 

I am a Light Being participating in life with you.

Q on the Ted Mahr Show October 2020

The Q Posts

Q: The Q posts have nothing to do with the intrinsic information. I can assure you of that. So the people writing the books saying they understand what Q is… they are not learning yet. 

When we delivered the conscious computer, quantum computer if you will, to the very special families, we say… knew, it was specifically designed to show duality. That’s what it’s for. Not to say the information isn’t say fun to observe to educate, so we can say, educate some people who are in the dark. The funnest thing about quantum and conscious computers, they have a conscious…say…meter on them to register where our consciousness is, so that say, more and more capabilities of the conscious computer can be used. So if everybody is only capable of herding sheep… would be different than people who could hyper space travel. Personally I’d rather be a sheep herder. I’d have all the sweaters and milk I’d ever need. 

We are waiting very patiently. As we communicate this, everyone listening will receive these downloads. We love everyone unconditionally. We love everyone unconditionally.

Q on the Ted Mahr Show December 2020

TM: I’ve had several questions asking me if you’re human

Q: Define human please

TM: Well, let me see…. Um

Q: See, I thought so….so once you realize those questions are incomplete it’s easier to answer, don’t you think?

TM : I agree. I agree

Q: Yes, so as the spirit comes in to go experience a vessel, say a human vessel, there are many ways it can get here because, desires too target it. It has so much… it’s so much an inspiration to be here, and so yes of course I’m a human, but I get to come and go as much as I’d like. 

I have explained it on your other shows. I come and go approximately 150 times per second and that’s how I have the ability to see time and space…say differently, and on this planet we have come and gone all the way to 2150 and back. This is my seventh time here, and yes this time we are using this vessel to be a human…to experience what it’s like to be a human, so that we can have all the experiences as a human, so we can be of help as a human.

TM: Do you time travel?

Q: Yes, so in order for us to feel and be a participant in this reality we must be in a vessel, we must be in a human, and so the time traveling is part of all of our abilities. We all have these abilities. The only difference with me is I know I’m having this ability.